Recover From An Overeating Episode


When overeating of carbohydrates occurs, the carbohydrates are converted to a form called glycogen and stored in the muscles and liver. If the liver and muscles are filled to their maximum capacity with glycogen, then any excess carbohydrates consumed will be stored as fat. In order to keep your weight in check, you should completely avoid binge-eating altogether. But, if it does occur, here are some tips to recover:

  • Be kind to yourself. We all make mistakes. Negative self-talk will likely make you repeat the cycle rather than recover from it. 
  • Drink a lot of water the following day to flush your system and stay hydrated. 
  • Burn off some of that stored glycogen before you start to feed your body excess carbohydrates. Try to exercise in the morning before you eat anything so you don’t overload your body with excess calories to be stored as fat.
  • Don’t deprive yourself of eating the next morning, just make sure you eat the RIGHT food!
  • The Right Food! Eliminate carbohydrates from your breakfast the following morning. For lunch, have some salad, fiber, a small amount of protein (chicken breast, turkey breast, egg whites, fish, etc) instead of carbohydrates. 
  • Get right back to eating a balanced diet today!

And, again, be kind to yourself.

About Jenny

As a fitness and nutrition coach, I provide accountability and motivation to people who are interested in achieving a healthier, happier lifestyle.