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Team Strive is a team of Independent Beachbody Coaches with the shared mission of helping people live happier, healthier lives. We are team of busy people who fell in love with the amazing nutrition and fitness products from Beachbody, saw our lives improve in many ways. And now we work together to pay it forward. We support each other on our own health journeys while providing the support and accountability for our clients to achieve their health goals! We have an AMAZING team! 

Welcome to Team Strive!

This training is for new coaches on Team Strive to help you get started right and begin building a successful business. As always, our goal is to help people and with that passion, you have the greatest skill needed! The content and tools in this training are designed to build on that to help you grow your confidence and your business!

Lesson 1 – 4 Vital Behaviors

The more you realize how INSANELY SIMPLE this business is the easier it will be! Its just REPEATING the same small things over and over again until they start to COMPOUND. You just have to literally do these 4 vitals each day, without excuses, questions. Give yourself a solid hour every day or “Pockets of time” The problem is most quit these simple activities before they start to command. NOT YOU!!! Rinse and Repeat every single day. Each vital acts as a stepping stone, every little action each day adds up over time and create a ripple effect to building your massive mountain.

Tell your coach: Which one is the easiest for you and which do you need to work on?

Lesson 2: Vision and Why

Please share your why below I’m going to take you through the basics this week! This business is a long term business, so this video to to share with you how to create the vision of your future business! Vision is what get’s you started… and what keeps you going.. The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy … it will teach you the ins and outs of this business model and the beauty behind growing your network marketing business!!

Lesson 3: The BIG picture

Message your coach with your top 3 takeaways.

Lesson 4: Things Every Coach Must Master

Tell your coach your takeaways.

Lesson 5: Skill 1 of 5 Sharing Your Journey

Tell your coach your top takeaways!

Lesson 6: The Power of Your Story (skill 1 continued…)

Lesson 7: Skill 2 of 5 – CONNECTING

Tell your coach if you commit to following 10-20 new people on IG everyday and comment below with your top 5 takeaways from this video.

Lesson 8: SKILL 3 of 5 – Inviting

Tell your coach your top takeaways!!

Here are some examples of ways you can share what you are doing and invite your warm market to join you.–NiZrftZh_jql22GmNKy2vjotYE/edit?usp=sharing

When they are ready to order, here is an overview of how to send them an order and be connected to you a their coach. How to set up share-a-cart

Lesson 9: SKILL 4 of 5 -Give your Clients an Amazing Experience

Message your coach the ways YOU will give your clients a great experience.

Lesson 10a: SKILL 5 of 5 – INVITING TO THE COACH OPPORTUNITY (for discount or business coaches). Tell your coach your takeaways from this script…

Lesson 10b: ACTIVATING Your Business to create INCOME

Quick interruption of the 4 skills to share why activating your business is so important. With people joining you as discount members or coaches, you can begin to experience the amazing potential of our compensation plan. These videos will give you an overview of why and how you can do it. Then in the next lessons, we will share how you can invite people to join you and in the Rock You Income you will learn more.

Lesson 11: Coaches that want to create a REAL income

Message your coach your top 5 takeaways

Lesson 12: Learn to LOVE “No”

Tell your coach your top 5 takeaways

Lesson 13: BE STUBBORN!!!

Message your coach Your Top 3 Takeaways…


So Success Club is a monthly promotion that Beachbody runs every month and it is the key to a successful business. Our goal is to earn Success Club 6 “SC5” or Success Club 10 “SC10” each month (meaning get a minimum of 10 Success Club points every month). You get 2 success club points every time someone orders a Challenge Pack or Shakeology HD (monthly autoship) or Performance Stack HD (monthly autoship) from you. So our goal is to get 3-5 people each month to commit to a challenge pack and a challenge group. But SC isn’t the end goal. Giving those five people an Amazing Experience and really connecting with them and getting them to connect with the other people in the group. We call it FIVE BEST FRIENDS because they become our best friends that month to help them create a healthy lifestyle they’ll stick with for life! If you do that every month; more people will want to join you, more of your challengers will want to become coaches, you’ll earn Success Club, you enroll coaches, you’ll advance in rank, you’ll build an awesome income! Just focus on FIVE BEST FRIENDS each month and all that other stuff will come. We call it TUNNEL VISION. This video explains what I mean.

Tell your coach your top 5 takeaways from my buddy Tommy’s video:


When you do sign up a customer with a challenge pack, you will want to send them some info to help them get started. Here is an example of the welcome, prep week and start week emails I send new customers.

New Customer Email Series

LASTLY, your reference guide for HOW TO training is in your online office here  and you can use the references/tips in the detailed training called “Deeper Dive: New Coach Basics” on this site.

Are you ready to RUN with this PASSION? Then definitely also begin to work through the “Rock Your Income” and “Invite Like a Boss” Trainings on this site.


How To Rock Your INCOME!

In our BEST Jerry Maguire Impression- repeat after me…”Show Me the Money!!!”

INCOME- Here is a break down of the Comp Plan, tips on how it all works, what to do to MAXIMIZE your income all while CREATING MASSIVE BELIEF that YOU CAN DO THIS TOO by sharing stories of New Coaches have CRAZY success!!!!

Be prepared to have your MIND BLOWN!! There is really a gold mine in front of you if you wish to believe and go do the things to achieve it! It’s not as hard as you think!

Because I have to say it…Team Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

{THE BASICS} (if you haven’t watched these in previous trainings, this is your foundation before you move on!)







Let’s dig a little deeper on one of the most important steps of growing your business…INVITING! Here are a few videos from TOP COACHES about how to invite with authenticity. Share your story and connect…here is how!