Coach Training


Welcome to Team Strive!

Team Strive is a team of Independent Beachbody Coaches with the shared mission of helping people live happier, healthier lives. We are team of busy people who fell in love with the amazing nutrition and fitness products from Beachbody, saw our lives improve in many ways. And now we work together to pay it forward. We support each other on our own health journeys while providing the support and accountability for our clients to achieve their health goals! We have an AMAZING team! 

This training is for new coaches on Team Strive to help you get started right and begin building a successful business. As always, our goal is to help people and with that passion, you have the greatest skill needed! The content and tools in this training are designed to build on that to help you grow your confidence and your business!

Step 1: Getting Started Right

Step 2: Learning the Systems

Step 3: Building on the Fundamentals