MYX Bike

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Our newest way to help you reach your health and fitness goals from the comfort of your own home – the myx bike!!

The myx ii bike features a durable, versatile, professional-grade stationary bike and a unique 21.5” sweatproof, rotating touchscreen that makes it easy to transition from the bodi cycling to floor workouts, and back again. The integrated heart rate monitor connects you to the experience, so you know you’re on track.

Check out this video below to learn more:

It comes in two different color options: black or white

Let’s talk pricing!

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🚲 I have the best launch pricing available- about $500 in savings! But it won’t last long- if you are interested in a bike, make sure to let me know!

🚲 For $1299 (and free shipping) you can grab just the bike.

🚲 For just $200 more ($1499) you can upgrade to the MYX ii plus and get dumbbells, a kettlebell, resistance band, stabilizing and exercise mats, and a foam roller.

🚲 We also have payment plans available! For as little as $0 down and $40 a month you can get cycling now!

If you already have a peloton or other kind of indoor bike, you don’t need our bike! You can just use what you already have at home and plug into the cycling workouts on BODi!

You will need a bod membership to access BODi.

Once you upgrade to BODi, in addition to the more than 1,500 on-demand workouts currently available on beachbody on demand, you’ll have exclusive access to all of BODi’s daily live and on-demand studio classes, as well as exclusive monthly advice and support from our premium nutrition programs, portion fix and 2b mindset.

You’ll also be able to join BODi cycling classes on the MYX bike — the most immersive cycling experience you can have without leaving home! The bike’s touchscreen tablet lets you stream any BODi, workout, while its exclusive, integrated heart rate monitor maximizes your cardio training.

With BODi, you’ll find something totally new every day to keep you engaged, motivated, and on track to reaching your goals.

Ready to grab your bike or sign up for BODi? Fill out the form below and i’ll be in touch!

BODi and Live Spin

BODi is HERE- and as a member you’ll have access to hundreds of live and on-demand studio classes designed for every fitness level — cycling workouts, cardio/HIIT, strength training, barre, Pilates, yoga, and more - turning your home into a fitness studio. BODi is Available NOW! - along with a brand new version of the MYX bike- fill out the quick form below to be on my VIP list- and get all the details first!
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