My Transformation Story

When I became a mom, my body and fitness level changed drastically. I did not have an easy pregnancy and ended up on bed rest for the last 2 months. I gained over 60 lbs (I stopped weighing myself later in my pregnancy because I didn’t want to know anymore!). I managed to lose most of the weight but was still 15 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight when I became pregnant with my second child 2 years later. Again, I gained a significant amount of weight with the pregnancy. For the first year, I didn’t worry much about the extra weight I was carrying because I was focused on raising my young family while working full-time.

When my daughter turned two, I decided I could not call it “baby weight” anymore and started my 3 year journey of failed and frustrating weight loss attempts. I counted calories, steps, points, tried supplements and cleanses, had intermittent success committing to a workout plan and ultimately yo-yoed up and down.

When I turned 40 years old and my daughter was approaching her fifth birthday, I realized I had to do something different to feel better about myself. I wanted to find a way to have a sustainable healthy lifestyle. I built my own plan consisting of a low calorie, low carb, low fat diet and high intensity workouts. I logged every calorie I put into my mouth or burned off with my workouts so I could reach a target calorie number that I believed would get me to my goal. With this unbalanced, low-calorie diet, I ended up at a plateau after a few pounds weight loss. I was torturing myself by counting calories and weighing myself as often as I walked by the scale. I was so frustrated because the harder I worked, the more discouraged I got when the weight would not come off.

A friend of mine had success using a more balanced fitness + nutrition + support approach and she became a coach. I reached out to hear to learn more and decided I would try it for a month. It was amazing to see results in the first DAYS! At that time I was still obsessively counting calories thinking this was the answer. But what I found was that I could trust the process and forget all of the calculations that were stressing me out.

The nutrition plan and workouts have allowed me to exceed my fitness goals and reach a body size that I have never been as an adult. The benefits of the balanced nutrition and a superfood shake in my life are unmatched. I am not a shake person but found that this one reduces cravings and tastes like a treat while I am drinking super foods and vegetables.

The difference for me was in learning balanced nutrition, working out for only 30 minutes and having a personal coach that motivated and supported me. The nutrition and workout plan has allowed me to eat more food than I was before and workout for shorter periods of time. I still cannot believe it. It is a sustainable plan that is now my forever lifestyle for a full and healthy life!

I became so passionate about the approach and want to help others bust through their struggles towards success and feeling great. If you are looking for some extra motivation and guidance on your journey, please fill out the form below so I can send you more info.

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