Help Your Kids Learn Healthy Habits

We all work hard to be role models for our kids and we want to teach them how to make healthy choices, show them the importance of being active, and more. Here are 5 ways you can help your child to learn the importance of eating healthy and being active.

These five ideas are in no way comprehensive, so share your own in the comment box below.

1. Exercise In Front of Your Kids
I have noticed this benefit first hand after transitioning from going to the gym a couple of times a week to working out at home with Beachbody programs for 30 minutes a day.  One of the many benefits of working out at home is that your kids can see you pushing yourself, getting sweaty, and reaching for goals. Actions speak louder than words when it comes to good habits.

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2. Bring Your Kids to the Grocery Store
Healthy eating starts with the food you buy. You can begin setting an example for your kids by filling your cart with fruits and veggies, healthy fats, proteins, and whole grain carbs – and less of the sugary cereals and snacks. Your kids will begin to see the balance of healthy choices from the start!

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3. Cook with Your Kids
Nothing beats a home-cooked meal. Have fun in the kitchen making healthy meals and holiday treats with your kids. Talk about the importance of each food group for your overall health. This will set a foundation for good decision making when your kids grow up.

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4. Pack Healthy Lunches and Snacks
Healthy food helps kids perform their best in school and on the playground! Healthy sandwiches with low-sodium deli meat, hummus and cheese or natural peanut butter and slide strawberries or bananas on wheat toast are a great main dish. Fruits like apples, oranges and grapes travel so well. Also raw veggies like carrots and green peppers are a staple in our lunches. I always serve my kids milk in their thermoses.

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5. Make Holidays Healthier
Holidays are about family and fun. I have some great holiday treat substitutions in the recipes section of this website. Make sure kids are having fun but cooking treats with them and also talk about the healthier substitutions you are making in your recipes that allow for better overall health. Again, it builds an awareness and foundation for healthy choices when you aren’t around!

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I hope this article helped you! Please post other healthy lunch ideas or ways you help your kids learn healthy habits!

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