How to Commit to Losing Weight

7 Steps To Commit Yourself To Losing Weight

Have you ever committed to losing weight and failed?

Losing weight is challenging, no doubt. More often than not, attempts to lose weight are unsuccessful. I have had many unsuccessful attempts myself and have worked with many clients who also struggle with staying on track. However, it is possible to meet your goals when you decide to commit yourself to finally losing weight.

I Will Lose Weight

Maybe it was a New Year’s Resolution.

Maybe you’ve tried different plans, exercises, tactics, and strategies and still, no success.

How about yo-yo dieting? Down 5 pounds this week, up three the next, down one pound the following week, and then back up 3 pounds the week after that.

It’s discouraging and depressing when you find yourself working so hard to lose weight and yet, nothing. You end up saying to yourself, “what’s the point of even trying? Nothing’s happening“.

You want it, you think it, but I’m going to be brutally honest with you here. The reason you haven’t lost weight is because you haven’t fully committed yourself to it.


#1 Write It Down

Such a simple step but so often missed. Write your fitness goals down…now. Seriously, right now. Stop reading. Take a minute and write them down. It’s that important.

By writing down your weight loss goal, you’re taking responsibility for it and telling your sub-conscience mind that you’re serious. It’s no longer just an idea, thought, or wish. It’s written down and it’s real. 

#2 Announce It

Tell as many people as you can. Family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, strangers, whoever. The more people you tell, the better and here’s why.

By announcing it publicly you’re creating lots of accountability for yourself whether you realize it or not because now everyone knows what you’re up to and out to accomplish.

It also alerts those closest to you about what you’re up to so you don’t have to worry about offending them when you turn down an invitation to go grab a burger or a few drinks. Chances are they’ll make other suggestions for getting together because of your weight loss commitment that you’ve shared with them.

#3 Adjust Your Mindset

Adjusting your mindset includes both what you think and what you say.

When you commit to losing weight, focus on shifting your thoughts from “I can’t” and “this is hard” to “I can” and “I’m going to do this”. Your thoughts are powerful so make sure you’re using them to your advantage. Get rid of the words “I’ll try” too. You either do something or you don’t. No more trying.

You no longer “have to” exercise or “have to” eat healthy foods. Going forward, you “want to” exercise and you “want to” eat healthy foods.

#4 No More Junk Food

Whatever junk food you have at home, get rid of it.

Chips, cookies, ice cream, sugary drinks, everything. Give it away or toss it. By doing so, you’re getting rid of all distractions or temptations around the house. Now I’m not saying you can’t have an indulgence or two per week. When you do, go out to get it so that there’s nothing left of it in the house afterwards.

#5 Have A Plan

Telling yourself you’re going to lose weight isn’t a plan. It’s a statement.

It’s just like saying you’re going on vacation. You then have to decide where you’re going, purchase the plane tickets, book the hotel, car rental, make reservations for a show and maybe even dinner. You plan your trip.

Same goes for losing weight. It requires a plan if it’s going to happen. How many days per week will you exercise? What exercises will you do? What foods will you eat throughout the day? When will you prepare your food? Plan your weight loss.

When you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. If you’re unsure about how to create a plan and stick with it, shoot me a message. I can break it down for you and recommend the appropriate approach for your goals.

#6 No More Exceptions

Exceptions destroy all weight loss attempts.

I’m too tired today”

“I don’t have time”

“I couldn’t get up this morning”

“It was just one cookie”

“It’s just one happy hour

No more exceptions. If you make an exception once, you’ll find yourself doing it again, and again, and again. Exceptions kill all progress and any hope for successful weight loss.

Just like you wouldn’t make the exception to not feed your child or a pet even on any particular day, there are no exceptions when it comes to your weight loss goals either.

#7 Have A Deadline

Set a date for when you will have successfully lost the weight. In step #2, when you announce it, announce your weight loss deadline as well. By doing so, you’re creating an incredible amount of accountability for yourself.

A goal without a timeline is just a dream. Have a deadline and commit to it. Take it seriously. Make it real, make it important, make it count.

Don’t Give Up

If you’ve tried several times to lose weight in the past and haven’t been successful, I encourage you to message me. I know you can do it and will do it with my coaching and simplified approach.

Start, today – message me right now. 

Don’t wait another day hoping, wanting, and wishing you could lose weight.




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