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Need a little motivation to improve your fitness? I bet this will get you pumped!

Wanna make a bet?

Get ready to get results with your fitness by participating in my September challenge! Invest in YOURSELF and COMMIT to what matters before the pumpkin lattes and Halloween candy take over👍🏻

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HERE are the detes:

You will place a bet on yourself and your $20 will go into the winnings pot with all of the other participants. We will set your healthy weight loss goals and have virtual check ins weekly. I will be with you every step of the way to give you the tools to succeed. And if you meet your goals, you win back your bet and an equal portion of the winnings pool on top of that!

If I have your attention, here’s what you need to do…During my September Challenge you must:

1️⃣Decide on the right nutrition & workout plan for your goals (I can help you with this)
2️⃣Log your workout and/or nutrition progress in our private group 5+ days a week
3️⃣Participate in the weekly weigh-in privately with me

THAT’S IT!!!!! You get a piece of the cash prize if you meet your goals which is TOTALLY possible with the tools, encouragement and support in my group!!

ALSO…You AND your significant other can join my challenge together – BOTH log your stuff – and DOUBLE your prize.

You know how this goes…people hear “CASH PRIZE” and they’re all like “SIGN ME UP” – but when it comes to following through and doing the work, they don’t. There’s only going to be a percentage of us left standing…right?!! That prize pool just got a lot bigger for YOU and you’ll be reaching your health and wellness goals at the SAME TIME!

You can stream your workouts on your phone, do it at home, bring it to the gym, do it in a hotel, get your whole family involved, do an intense workout, commit to low impact or dance cardio, start small, or go big. REALLY no excuses. No matter what your goal is – I can help you find the right program to commit to.

👉🏼 If you want more details, fill out the form below.

Let’s get our friends and family on board and tackle some health and wellness goals BEFORE all the PUMPKIN LATTES and HALLOWEEN CANDY take over!!

About Jenny

As a fitness and nutrition coach, I provide accountability and motivation to people who are interested in achieving a healthier, happier lifestyle.