Fresh Start Free Group

The best project you will ever work on is YOU! So I am glad you found this page and me!

Looking for a FRESH START with your health and fitness?

I have an idea for you!

Many of the gals I message with have mentioned that they’d like to give my approach to health and fitness a try in my RISE UP group, but they’re not sure if they’re ready to commit.

Maybe they’re just like you…

Reluctant about the investment before you try.

Unsure what my Accountability Groups are all about.

Hesitant of the unknown.

WELL >>>>> you’re in luck!! 🤗

I’m offering a free FRESH START challenge, where you can preview all of the exercise programs available in my “Netflix of Fitness” as well as my balanced nutrition approach!

What you’ll get:

💪🏻A 2-week free trial of online streaming, including hundreds of workouts

🗓A workout calendar with recommendations that allow you to try some of my favorite programs

🍎Meal Plans and Recipes to help kick start a healthy 2019

📝A tracker to reflect on your successes and struggles each day

PLUS, daily tips and motivation, and even a prize drawing for participation!!!

Ready to give it a try for FREE?? Fill out the form below!