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I had a great experience today – my approach is DOCTOR RECOMMENDED!  I went to my doctor, Dr. Michelle Draeb of Denver Family Medicine, Board Certified Family Physician, degree from University of Colorado School of Medicine and Family Practice residency completed at St Joseph Hospital, who I have been a patient of for 17 years for an annual physical today. It was a good report so I am happy for my health…and something else exciting happened!

Listen to this:

As many know, I believe in the fitness and nutrition programs through Team Beachbody that allowed me to achieve the best health of my life even with a busy, working mom schedule…and now I have the endorsement of a medical professional!! I love that my doctor was so excited about my health and that she wanted to hear more about how I did it. So I shared…

After we discussed the balanced nutrition of the 21 Day Fix program and Shakeology, she said that is exactly what she advises her patients to do and loves how easy the nutrition plan is to follow with the serving size containers.  She wanted to hear more about what I do for exercise and I told her about the 30-minute, at-home DVD workouts with either a resistance band or dumbbell weights.  She was impressed with how anyone can do it and how it is so convenient.

I told her that I believe in it so much that I decided to become an accountability coach for Beachbody programs and I help people change their routine to make this a lifestyle change for them, too.  She was on the edge of her seat and excitedly asked me if she can refer patients to me! Um, YES!!  She took all the business cards I had in my purse! She was most intrigued by the aspect of accountability because she says she advises people all day about the healthy choices we discussed, but she cannot possibly check in with patients to help them implement those recommendations.

That’s where I step in! She jokingly asked me to come to her office and sit in the waiting room every day to talk more about it. I think she could sense my enthusiasm about this work I do!! I am so excited about this partnership with a doctor I trust and the programs I believe in!

Ready to be in control of your health? I would love to be your coach, too! Read more here about the approach and sign up for my next accountability group.

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