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I am Jenny Dobmeier and the founder and CEO of Fuse, LLC and leader of Team Strive, a team of wellness coaches. We focus on developing the total person to enhance an individual’s effectiveness as a leader.

My mission is to help people who have lost their edge gain back control by offering a step-by-step wellness approach that you can fit into your busy life. I understand what it is like to have a demanding career. I’ve also learned the value of personal wellness in making you a more effective leader, partner, friend and parent. Since I have been where you are, I can help you fit this wellness approach into your already busy lifestyle. My approach is backed by my personal success and the many others I have helped.

I am a working mom in my mid-40s who found my way to the best health and fitness of my life after kids, with a demanding work schedule, and the drag of a slowing metabolism! I was an athlete in high school but spent my later adult life semi-active and overweight. I chose positivity every day no matter what…but as an overweight adult I was secretly unhappy with myself and I began to realize I wasn’t as effective a leader, partner or parent since my energy was sapped.

I kept trying and failing to reach better health and fitness.  At 41 years old, I found an approach that worked and an accountability coach that helped me learn how to achieve balanced nutrition, proper portion size, and get some activity in to keep my body fit while working full-time in a demanding career.  The results I achieved transformed not only my body but my outlook about myself entirely.  I could not be happier or healthier and it was remarkable how much more effective I became in all areas of my life. It lit a passion in me to become a coach and help others do the same!


Every day I wake up energized to help others go through that transformation, too. It is not as hard as you think and there is no need to be in a gym for hours or to eat just raw veggies. As your coach, I will guide you through the nutrition plan with all the tools you need like example menus, meal prep tips and recipes.  I will also motivate you through accountability groups to exercise and support you with any questions you have.

Having gone through the transformation I did, I felt a passion growing to become a coach and help others. If you feel that pull, I would be so excited to share with you the value we can bring to people together through the business opportunity of being a coach. Anyone can be a coach!  You don’t need to be ready for a fitness magazine cover.  You just need to be passionate about helping others and share your story.  Together we can change lives just by sharing!

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