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A testimonial from 2 of my clients, a husband and wife, who committed to the All Access Pass and Shakeology and lost 30 lbs for her and 25 lbs for him!

“I have still been trying to eat healthy and continue with my workouts. I am down a total of 30 pounds since I started and I feel so much better.  I am also having problems with my clothes being too big.  I do not follow the eating plan exactly, but I try to focus on eating my lean proteins with fruits and vegetables.  Troy has also lost around 25 pounds. My goal is to lose another 20 pounds by the end of the summer.  I am pretty motivated and don’t need much direct support. Seeing your daily posts does motivate me to keep going to achieve the results I want.  Thanks for checking in.” 


My favorite testimonial is from a women in her 40s who sent a message to some mutual friends of ours.  This one really tickles me!

“I’ve been doing Jenny’s 21 Day Fix Challenges for the past couple of weeks. This program is awesome. Jenny rocks and has this fantastic group of people involved. Things went really well while I was still in the USA. It’s been too hard to follow the program closely while here because we have no schedule whatsoever, but I’m still losing weight and it makes me feel so much better in general. So if anyone had any inkling of “I think maybe I ought to get a bit more healthy” – Do Jenny’s program. Its awesome. I love it, as it clearly works… Totally worth the money, which actually isn’t much when you get right down to it.” 

Lizzi F

This testimonial is from a personal client over 50 years old who has made the 21 Day Fix fitness and nutrition approach her lifestyle.

“I completed my first round with 21 day Fix and lost just over 6 lbs. and 13 inches.  And I might add, I’m over 50!  The program is easy to follow, the support is encouraging and the resources Jenny provides will help you every step of the way. It has completely changed the way I think about nutrition, exercise, and the food I’m eating everyday.  I continued on the maintenance phase the the next 3 weeks.  During that time, I went to Napa for 4 days.  I took along Shakeology and ate wonderful meals and drank fabulous wine.  I did not gain any weight during the trip, and ultimately lost another 2 pounds on maintenance.  This is a LIFESTYLE for everyone.  You will have success and see results!”

This is a testimonial from 2 of my clients, a husband and wife, who committed to the 21 Day Fix program and Shakeology and lost 15 lbs for her and 30 lbs for him!

“My husband and I tried the 21 day fix and Shakeology because we were both frustrated with the lack of clothes in our closet that fit and we were sick of feeling crummy a lot of the time. We needed something that worked with our packed schedules and didn’t interfere with the raising of our 2 little ones. The 21 day fix meal plan, workouts, and Shakeology made losing weight feasible by providing easy to follow food guidelines, quick and effective workouts, and delicious shakes that were more like treats. We found ourselves both encouraged and energized by our success! In addition to looking better, more importantly we both feel better; healthy, sleeping better, and more comfortable in our skin. It has been great to have the support of our awesome coach, Jenny, who provided additional meal plans and work outs when we traveled. My hubby and I now encourage each other to lead healthier lives rather than enabling the other to make poor choices.”


There is nothing more motivating than starting a program and seeing instant results.  This client thought she was eating well and worked out quite a bit but she had plateaued and could not take weight off.  She started the 21 Day Fix and the balanced nutrition and reasonable workouts at just 30-minutes a day broke that plateau…7lbs lost in one week!  She is going to meet her weight loss goal in no time!



Here is another testimonial about the benefits a private, accountability group can provide.  100 lbs lost with the 21 Day Fix – it took 8 months for her to achieve that goal.  She has more goals to achieve and I know she will because of the support of the great accountability groups.






diane tepen

Kerri Frino

lori back

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One comment on “Testimonials

  1. As 2017 comes to an end I want to thank you, Coach Jenny, for all the support, great advice and continued encouragement. The path to fitness and weight loss as we get older certainly gets harder, but with your support and accountability groups I achieved my goals. I have lost both pounds and inches and feel better than I have in years.

    I have struggled with my weight for years, have always exercised, but never achieved the balance which produced the results I wanted. Coach Jenny helped me find the balance that worked for me. This included swimming, my preferred exercise and BOD of “my choice” on days I do not swim. As someone who does not like cardio, BOD gave me plenty of choices which I enjoyed and enough variety that I did not get bored. I added weight bearing activities to my routine which are so beneficial to women over 50!

    The portion control and containers made the nutrition part fun and easy. Shakeology proved to be a great snack for me and helped curb my cravings later in the day. My whole outlook on food has changed. It is now easier to make healthy choices and not feel deprived. Even if you are not one for “food prep” the containers make choosing the right foods easy and packing lunches and snacks actually became fun and colorful.

    Thanks to everyone, especially Jenny Sweitzer Dobmeier, who helped keep me motivated throughout the year. I look forward to more challenges and accountability groups in 2018.